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Weekend Revelation: Saint Edward

March 1st 2020

REVELATION DELIVERED THROUGH FRANCES MARIE KLUG ON NOVEMBER 7, 2000 AT 12:57 PM SAINT EDWARD “I am Saint Edward. The word ‘sacrifice’ has many more meanings than it is understood to have.  Sacrifice comes easy on some subjects to certain individuals, thus making the sacrifices less important to whatever the individual is offering it up for, or because of. Sometimes to just be pleasant is a sacrifice, because of so many circumstances in the dealing with another human being th ...Continue Reading

Weekend Revelation: "CRUCIFIX OR PLUS SIGN"

February 29th 2020

TEACHING DELIVERED THROUGH FRANCES MARIE KLUG IN MAY, 1978 "CRUCIFIX OR PLUS SIGN" “What does a Crucifix mean to you? Would your Faith increase if you never saw a Crucifix again? How can a plus sign replace a Crucifix? What makes men determine that the Corpus on a Cross is unpleasant?  Is it their own fear of suffering?  Is it their own idealistic view?  or, is it that they cannot face the reality of the Importance of This Occurrence? ...Continue Reading

Weekend Revelation: "PRAYER LEADS TO PURITY"

February 23rd 2020

TEACHING DELIVERED THROUGH FRANCES MARIE KLUG ON NOVEMBER 13, 1979 "PRAYER LEADS TO PURITY" “Prayer is a way of life, not just moments in life.  Prayer is a composite of our actions, our thoughts, our words and our deeds.  Prayer, in essence, is an expression of our Faith in God.  Prayer is a reminder of our dependency upon God.  Prayer is an expression of hope.  Prayer is communication with God.  Prayer is example.   ...Continue Reading

Weekend Revelation: "PRAYER"

February 22nd 2020

TEACHING DELIVERED THROUGH FRANCES MARIE KLUG ON FEBRUARY 11, 1980 "PRAYER" “How do I pray?  What effort do I make to pray?  What do I use to help me pray:  books, a Rosary, the Ten Commandments, the Gospels, a breviary, prayer cards, pamphlets, or just conversation?  What do I radiate when I pray:  monotony, burden, lethargy, indifference, ego, sincere Faith, emotionalism, contradiction, piety, a lackadaisical manner, impudence, insinc ...Continue Reading

Weekend Revelation: Our Heavenly Father

February 16th 2020

REVELATION DELIVERED THROUGH FRANCES MARIE KLUG ON JUNE 4, 2006 AT 11:04 AM OUR HEAVENLY FATHER “I use this little one for important Messages because I Will others to understand that My Presence is realistic and I am close to them.  It is difficult for many to believe that I am so close physically, mentally.  This all began when groups of people of all ages said prayers, sang songs together, thus getting used to louder sounds for what was being used for Me to hear. I pro ...Continue Reading

Weekend Revelation: Our Heavenly Mother

February 15th 2020

REVELATION DELIVERED THROUGH FRANCES MARIE KLUG ON MAY 2, 1972 AT 8:12 PM OUR HEAVENLY MOTHER OUR HEAVENLY MOTHER “My beloved children, the child will describe to you another Vision.  And with this Vision, I will speak to you.  I am your Heavenly Mother. The men of the world are shouting for peace.  The men in the world are causing destruction because of their weakness.  Somewhere, particular men are going to have to stop and think.  S ...Continue Reading

Weekend Revelation: Saint Unnamed

February 9th 2020

REVELATION DELIVERED THROUGH FRANCES MARIE KLUG ON JULY 9, 1970 AT 2:00 PM SAINT UNNAMED “Man depends on power plants for certain things.  He depends on men with the knowledge of power to instruct him, to direct him, to guide him.  I add to These Words, God is All Power.  Look to Him for the True Power of life.  As you stand, as you kneel, as you walk, as you lay, the Power of God generates around you, truth, the reality of life, the Purpose of being, and L ...Continue Reading

Weekend Revelation:

February 8th 2020

REVELATION DELIVERED THROUGH FRANCES MARIE KLUG ON MARCH 10, 1971 AT 10:55 AM “My children, I am Saint Joseph.  My Words come to you with a Serenity, with a Hope, with a Purity, with Love. In the world, man is struggling to conquer, so he can be important, so he can feel great, so he can determine what must be for others:  power, dignity.  If all men were to find within themselves the power of Grace, the power of purity, the power of integrity, the power of digni ...Continue Reading

Weekend Revelation: Saint Unnamed

February 2nd 2020

REVELATION DELIVERED THROUGH FRANCES MARIE KLUG ON OCTOBER 5, 1969 AT 4:20 PM SAINT UNNAMED “The time has come for much joy in the Heavens.  The time has come for all men to wake up to their way of living and notice the destruction they are headed for.  There is only one way for man to do this.  Alone, he can conquer nothing.  With God he can become a Saint.  Tell all men this.  Some will sneer, some will scoff, some will listen. &n ...Continue Reading

Weekend Revelation:

February 1st 2020

REVELATION DELIVERED THROUGH FRANCES MARIE KLUG ON DECEMBER 16, 1970 AT 11:40 AM “As I speak Words of Wisdom through the child, I wish to alert your minds to the realm of yours in comparison to the Realm that is Here.  Take one star, and now look at what surrounds it.  In size it is magnificent, the surroundings, that is.  So, you are as a star in God’s Way.  Your Soul is the star, remember this. Many men determine for themselves what is best. &nbs ...Continue Reading
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