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Weekend Revelation: God The Father

April 5th 2020

REVELATION DELIVERED THROUGH FRANCES MARIE KLUG ON APRIL 14, 1970 AT 1:25 PM GOD THE FATHER “I begin this Revelation in The Sign of The Cross.  The Cross is evident to man in all things.  When the burdens of life become heavy, man says, ‘My cross’.  Sometimes he says this in a frivolous way, not realizing the beauty of the words, for My Son did bear a Cross and It remains; but the Cross, in truth, says this to man:  The top of the Cross where the Head did l ...Continue Reading

Weekend Revelation:

April 4th 2020

REVELATION DELIVERED THROUGH FRANCES MARIE KLUG ON OCTOBER 1, 1969 AT 11:30 AM “The Cross of Calvary was set aside by men after the act of the Crucifixion.  Man said, ‘It is over, it is done,’ and God said, ‘I have offered My Son in this way.  It is the beginning for man.’ Through the years of time, there have been many men who have looked to the Cross that once was, and it has given them great solace, strength, and courage to go on, and a Purpose for life.  The ...Continue Reading

Weekend Revelation: Our Lord

March 29th 2020

REVELATION DELIVERED THROUGH FRANCES MARIE KLUG ON JANUARY 7, 1971 AT 5:10 PM OUR LORD “Man looks to the Crucifixion as an incident, as an occurrence, as a happening in God’s Way and Will.  Man has learned the purpose, the reason this had to be.  Man does not see all the reasons, for God holds some back from thee. I hung on the Cross.  I was the Victim, as Man.  I come to you today from the Realm Where I am.  I bind you with My Love in the c ...Continue Reading

Weekend Revelation:

March 28th 2020

REVELATION DELIVERED THROUGH FRANCES MARIE KLUG ON AUGUST 31, 1970 AT 2:00 PM “The Father has chosen this time to permit the Miracle that is Mine to be on earth for all mankind.  The purpose of This Miracle is to bring to mind the necessity to walk for The Divine. My years as man were as yours.  Each day I did the tasks that meant the livelihood for the Ones I held dear.  I greeted each day in the form of prayer, knowing there would be downgrades in certain affai ...Continue Reading

Weekend Revelation: Saint John Of The Cross

March 22nd 2020

REVELATION DELIVERED THROUGH FRANCES MARIE KLUG ON OCTOBER 29, 1992 AT 12:30 PM SAINT JOHN OF THE CROSS “I am Saint John of The Cross.  I have spoken many times through this Gift of Life and Gift of Love from The Father. Mankind looks at the Cross The Beloved One hung upon.  Mankind sees horror in Its very presence, in Its existence.  True, this was a terrible atrocity, especially to One so Pure and One Who was so Important.  The Purity and Importance ...Continue Reading

Weekend Revelation: Our Lord

March 21st 2020

REVELATION DELIVERED THROUGH FRANCES MARIE KLUG ON MARCH 21, 1972 AT 8:08 PM OUR LORD “I have come on this night to speak to you of the Love I have for you.  I also want you to know that This Miracle of My Son, Who was My earthly Father, is a Miracle of Wisdom, a Miracle to give you the chance to know Heaven as It truly is, to know Our Love in a personal way.  When I walked the earth, I taught The Father’s Wisdom, and since that time no man has been set forth upon the earth, u ...Continue Reading

Weekend Revelation: Our Lord

March 15th 2020

REVELATION DELIVERED THROUGH FRANCES MARIE KLUG ON OCTOBER 14, 1971 AT 8:15 PM OUR LORD “The Heavenly Mother spoke to you of the Holy Rosary.  Now, as I speak, I speak to you of the Crucifix.  When the prayer is said on this, you draw attention to The Holy Trinity, of Which I am The Second One, The Son, Who died upon the Cross for you. My speaking to you in this way is unusual, that is true; but the time in which you live is important to Us, and that is why We have given ...Continue Reading

Weekend Revelation: Saint Francis Of Assisi

March 14th 2020

REVELATION DELIVERED THROUGH FRANCES MARIE KLUG ON FEBRUARY 22, 1972 AT 7:50 PM SAINT FRANCIS OF ASSISI “Many times, My children, when the burn of the stigmata worked into my flesh, the pain was so excruciating that I would call out to God and say, ‘Another test?’ and He would gently inform me in some manner that it had to be, for I was to help Souls come to Him in Eternity.  Sometimes He asks a child to suffer, not always in an obvious way, but sometimes in a very quiet manner. I ...Continue Reading

Weekend Revelation: "DIFFICULT TO PRAY?"

March 8th 2020

TEACHING DELIVERED THROUGH FRANCES MARIE KLUG ON JANUARY 22, 1982 "DIFFICULT TO PRAY?" “There are many forms of prayer, so one should not feel that there is only one method of prayer.  There is prayer in meditation, prayer in good example, prayer in words through kindness, generosity, understanding, good counsel.  There is prayer in actions. What constitutes these things being attributed to a way of prayer? First, the intention must be that all of one’s ...Continue Reading

Weekend Revelation: "THE STAFF FOR LIFE"

March 7th 2020

TEACHING DELIVERED THROUGH FRANCES MARIE KLUG ON FEBRUARY 12, 1980 "THE STAFF FOR LIFE" “A field of wheat is a joy to see, first, because it has a beauty in color and purpose.  When the air is still, the wheat has no movement, and the beauty of its just being there is good to see.  When the wind blows and the wheat sways, the color changes, and the action gives a beauty, drawing man’s attention to the wheat even more than when the wheat is perfectly still. The ...Continue Reading


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