ON JULY 9, 1970 AT 2:00 PM


“Man depends on power plants for certain things.  He depends on men with the knowledge of power to instruct him, to direct him, to guide him.  I add to These Words, God is All Power.  Look to Him for the True Power of life.  As you stand, as you kneel, as you walk, as you lay, the Power of God generates around you, truth, the reality of life, the Purpose of being, and Love from Him.  To turn on the light, man knows that power must be generated to fulfill the act.  To turn to God for Direction, Truth, there is no effort on man’s part needed, except to speak to The Father.

How easy it is for man to live in all truth, but man complicates all things by his lack of obedience, his lack of self-discipline, his lack of trust in God’s Way.  Do not allow yourselves to be antagonistic, cause perplexities to others, be skeptical of truth or critical to hurt.  Look to the other side and say:

‘Let only kindness be my way.  Let love generate from me to show what must be.  Let my acts of every moment be for The Father first, then me.’

Do not let the physical necessities become so strong within you that you neglect what must be.  Remember, too, that as you walk in the way of man, you are never alone in God’s Plan.  As there are Three in One in Him, there are three in one in you.  You walk every moment of life thusly:  your Soul, your body and your Guardian Angel — a constant unit, a purposeful unit, a necessary unit, designed by God, to bring you to Heaven.

You are only aware of the physical.  Become more aware of the Spiritual surrounding you every moment of your life.  Today, for instance, recognize the purpose of the body.  Realize the Beauty and the Purpose of the Soul, and accept the necessity of your Guardian Angel, Who, so often, quickly removes you from danger, from harm, from serious occurrences, from falling into sin when someone has disarmed you in the physical way.

Ask yourself, too: ‘If the three of us now stood before The Father, what would He see?  Would the Angel be happy?  Would the body project love for Him?  Would the Soul be glistening to please Him?’ Much thought should be given to what He would see and then, My children, improve on what must be.

You say that man is foolish if he does not feed his body.  A man can be well-fed and yet be starving the Soul that must be fed.  If two men were having repast and one suddenly said,
‘No more food is yours from now on,’ the other man would soon be dead; and so it is with each man’s Soul.  Sometimes the starving takes top role, and man would die of shame if he could see the flickering light that the Soul had while It remained.  Those children who feel selfishness important, I say to you from Heaven: ‘Reject this thought.  Selfishness is a tool of satan and he uses every means he can to draw you from The Father, for he envies every man.’

Much has been said to you today.  Think more on what the Words do mean for each child here.  Look at yourselves as three, not one, and feed the Soul well.  My tasks on earth were as man.  Responsibilities I had.  I, too, walked as three in one.  I know the way it must be done, so carry on, My little ones.  Learn more about The Father.  Radiate His Love to man through His Power.  So be it.”

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