ON MARCH 10, 1971 AT 10:55 AM


“My children, I am Saint Joseph.  My Words come to you with a Serenity, with a Hope, with a Purity, with Love.

In the world, man is struggling to conquer, so he can be important, so he can feel great, so he can determine what must be for others:  power, dignity.  If all men were to find within themselves the power of Grace, the power of purity, the power of integrity, the power of dignity, the power of love, the power of obedience, the power of self-discipline, the power of trust, man would be better able to face the daily way of life in a wholesome, loving, giving, profound way, and yet be able to withstand what must be in the way of disappointments, unhappiness, small mistakes, errors created by little thought.

Please, My children, grow so in love with The Father that you prepare yourselves to grow in perfection in His Way.  Never omit seeking His Guidance, His Love, in your daily way of living.  Never omit dedicating yourselves to Him, for His Purpose, for His Reason.

I bless you, My children, with a Love not of your knowledge, but a Heavenly Love that speaks Truth, Teaching Wisdom, Trust, Kindness, Strength, Obedience.  So be it.”

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