ON DECEMBER 16, 1970 AT 11:40 AM


“As I speak Words of Wisdom through the child, I wish to alert your minds to the realm of yours in comparison to the Realm that is Here.  Take one star, and now look at what surrounds it.  In size it is magnificent, the surroundings, that is.  So, you are as a star in God’s Way.  Your Soul is the star, remember this.

Many men determine for themselves what is best.  Many men determine wrong.  They make their decision on what they see, what they feel and what they know to be.  It is man’s way.  Now take every decision, every thought, every word you say, and look into the many things that can be derived from them.  There are too many for you to note, but in your way of life it is less complicated, for you expect black and white.

When fear comes, turn to God.  When anger comes, close it out, turn to God.  When anxiety comes, do not dwell on it.  It saps your strength and leaves weakness.  When your will says, ‘It must be this way,’ turn to God and ask His Opinion, His Direction, and to show you the way.  Do not live each day helplessly, hopelessly, with nothing in your aim.  Take the time to grow in God’s Way.  Use every minute possible to help the Soul you have glow brighter, grow deeper in love with God.  Man wastes time that could be spent fruitfully, beautifully, advantageously, perfectly.

Reach for Sainthood, but do it in God’s Way; in dignity, integrity, generosity, Faith, trust, confidence, love.  Hold before you at all times The Trinity, what It stands for in Its Way, in Its Entirety, in Its Beauty; how Each Part of It is God, and the Purpose Each Part has.  Notice your own reaction when you gaze upon the Rosary.  Be aware that it immediately says, ‘Our Lady’.  Join with others in obedience to Her, saying the Rosary of Love to Her.

I bless you, My children, from Heaven.  Be aware of the Blessing and of the Words I declare.”

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