ON SEPTEMBER 8, 1972 AT 8:08 PM


“My little ones, I am Saint Agnes.  I come special tonight to teach you to learn self-discipline, for as you learn this, you will become pure of heart, pure of mind, and yes, your love will grow for The Divine.

Listen well to the Words that come through this child for she is as you:  flesh, blood, Soul, will; Guardian Angel, too.  Each day you approach in a little way, the fullness of your day, pray to God to help you every step of the way, and promise Him that you will love Him if He will help you with self-discipline that day.

I bless you with Love you cannot see, you cannot feel, you cannot know.  I bless you with Truth and I say, ‘Self-discipline will lead you to purity, purity will lead you to Sainthood, Sainthood will let you remain with God for all days.’  So be it.”

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