ON FEBRUARY 24, 1997 AT 2:39 PM


“I am Saint Catherine of Siena.  I am about to speak about educational areas that are so prevalent at this time, but so many subjects do not cover the basic foundations of moral values, moral standards.

Throughout the world there is so much emphasis on laxness in morals, openly taken as a natural way of life and normal to man’s thinking.  Some call it ‘like the days of Sodom and Gomorrah’, but those who say this are few in number.  Those who are openly involved in this manner of living say it is normal, it’s life, and there is nothing wrong with it.

The reason for this laxness is deliberate belief in accepting what is occurring, is because of the resistance those in charge accept, in instructing all ages on The Commandments of God in Their fullest degree of meaning.  Mankind finds it so much easier to just call the attention of These Commandments to a numeral number, thus expecting those who see it to understand the meaning of what that numeral number alludes to, suggests, or means.  This is a ridiculous observation of man’s ability to understand the Greatness in the Meaning of what the Wording entails, describes, consists of.

Children are not learning the basic rules of life.  Children are being subjected to immoralities of all degrees, and of all physical and moral behaviors.  It is sad to see children not being instructed in the Value of The Commandments of God.

To millions at this time, there are very few individuals who actually admit that there is such a thing as sin, or offenses against God and His Commandments.  They call it ‘street talk, street life, street understanding, street addiction’, and other names that they use that they feel does not just put their way of thinking, acting, in a demonic source, course of living, understanding or acceptance, because the individuals are in a state of denial for what they call ‘survival’ for them.

The world is in a state of diabolical confusion, unrest, and this is due to the fact that so many clerical men and women have eliminated what they started out as, and have adjusted their manner of thinking to fit what they call ‘modernization’.

When rain falls and it comes in a very strong, intensified degree, it is destructive and no human being can stop it.  They have to wait for it to stop, due to what is termed ‘conditions uncontrollable by man’.  This is what has occurred to mankind morally, psychologically, physically, emotionally, spiritually; but My question to mankind is: ‘Is The Father going to have to take strong action to make mankind understand that morality must return in every avenue of man’s thinking, actions, goals, before the enemy takes full control?’

There is so much to be said on this subject, so much for mankind to think about, relate to, and make changes in.  You do not live in a time that could be considered a time of Holiness, a time of Spiritual advancement, due to the fact that mankind has allowed so much moral liberalism, and for some time now has ignored The Commandments of God in many ways, many degrees, thus allowing the enemy of God and man to use all that is impure, unjust, to be acceptable by individuals who at one time were staunch in their feelings, actions, and representation of what The Commandments of God were all about; also, that purity of mind and body were important because of the Soul they innately felt was their Link, their Closeness, their Connection to one day becoming ‘a Saint’.  So be it.”

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