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Barry prayer test list 01

This is a test list for developing a prayer message interface.


Requests for prayers from family and friends of Saint Joseph's Hill of Hope.

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Weekend Revelation

Two Revelations delivered each weekend (Two per week)

Weekend Revelation: God The Father

November 17th 2019

REVELATION DELIVERED THROUGH FRANCES MARIE KLUG ON DECEMBER 13, 1974 AT 11:50 PM GOD THE FATHER “A child has been enlightened to carry a burden far beyond what men can feel, see, know, hear, understand, adjust to, comprehend.  This child speaks many times in the tone, manner of her way.  Men think it is she who is speaking, and yet, in her heart, her wisdom, she knows it is I Who am speaking the Words, delivering the Messages, and directing the way. This child has been b ...Continue Reading